UIC students can sign up to be taught English writing enhancement skills by the ELC's senior professional writer, Mr Philip Yeung. Instead of depending on low-level learning by "remembering and repeating", the  English Writing Enhancement Programme (EWEP) provides guidance on turning rules into concepts and functions. Each session of the programme is an intensive learning experience.

Tired of making little or no progress in English no matter how long and hard you study? Is English writing your academic Achilles' heel? If so, the English Writing Enhancement Programme is for you.

  • You will learn English as a set of skills, not as a school subject. With cultural sensitivity training, you will also learn to think in English. You will learn to look at English in a whole new way.

  • No more low-level learning by "remembering and repeating", learn to turn rules into concepts and tools.

  • See the power and beauty of words and break out of the Chinese learning bottleneck. Don't just learn correct English, learn exemplary, even beautiful, English as well.

  • Learn to dance the alphabet as a liberated learner.

Sign-up instructions will be sent to all students in Week 3 of each semester by email, on iSpace, and through our official WeChat account.

For the most up-to-date information about how the ELC can help you improve your English, search “UICELC” on WeChat and follow our official account.