Various English Clubs run throughout the semester based on a variety of topics. These clubs offer UIC students an opportunity to engage with English outside of the classroom based on their interests and hobbies. Some clubs run for the whole semester, while others are only held in a certain week. Students can check iSpace and the ELC WeChat for the latest information and to sign-up. 

Student publications created in the Altering Literature Club.

You can download the Altering Literature Club pamphlets below to see the creativity of UIC students.

       ALC 2019-2020 Sem 2    

       ALC 2020-2021 Sem 1

       ALC 2020-2021 Sem 2

Students introduce themselves using sign language in the American Sign Language Club.

For the most up-to-date information about how the ELC can help you improve your English, search “UICELC” on WeChat and follow our official account.