Welcome to the HKBU-BNU International United College English Language Centre website.

The English Language Centre (ELC) in UIC is responsible for the delivery of diverse English language programmes, including our core modules, taken by all our students, and various elective options that allow students to focus on the areas of language study that interest them the most. Drawing on the expertise of a teaching team from many different countries, the ELC's courses use authentic language to develop students' linguistic abilities for academic, social, and professional purposes and to help them develop an awareness and understanding of the many different societies that use English around the world.

The ELC also provides our students with many opportunities to continue their language learning outside of the classroom. We offer a range of support services to help students studying across all degree courses to succeed, such as our Writing Resource Centre, Speaking Assistance Programme, English Help Desk, and English Writing Enhancement Programme. There are also many online resources provided for students' self-study, including our Independent Grammar Study Scheme and materials uploaded to iSpace, our virtual learning environment. Moreover, our students are encouraged to showcase their writing skills through our student publication, The Jade Review, as well as to take part in regional and national competitions as representatives of UIC.

In the ELC, our goal is not only to improve our students' ability to read, write, speak and understand English but also to encourage them to use their language skills to promote their own cultural heritage internationally. In this way, we aim to ensure that our students obtain the necessary language proficiency and intercultural competencies to be able to contribute to and thrive in our increasingly diverse and competitive world.

Dr. Robyn Bray

Director of the English Language Centre (ELC)